The Guerrilla Consultant is a complementary e-newsletter to the book, Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants.

Each e-newsletter includes practical strategies to help you market and sell your services and create profitable client relationships once you’ve been hired. The message of The Guerrilla Consultant is equally relevant for all professional service providers.

The Guerrilla Consultant is published on the second Monday of each month. Subscribe at



Management Consulting News is a monthly e-newsletter and web site for professional services providers. It features ideas and tools from leading thinkers, consultants, writers, and marketers to help you rise to the top in your field and stay there.

Whether you’re a veteran consultant or new to the industry, you’ll find something of value on the web site and in every issue of our free monthly newsletter.

Check out our MasterMinds series of exclusive, in-depth interviews with innovators such as Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and David Maister. We also have articles on everything from building client loyalty to pricing your services and how to become a great speaker.

The e-newsletter is published on the first Tuesday of the month.

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