As a leader in a professional services business, you know what it means to juggle multiple priorities.

Besides delivering great results for your clients, you also have to:

  • Set the vision and purpose for your business
  • Create a credible market presence
  • Generate and close new sales opportunities
  • Design the approach to proposal development and pricing
  • Develop new service offerings
  • Recruit new consultants
  • Train your team
  • Keep up with trends that effect your clients and your business
  • Manage financial and administrative activities

My goal, and the purpose of my business, is to offer resources and services to help firm leaders manage these priorities, build thriving businesses, and still have a life.

Before starting my business, I was a consulting partner with Deloitte. In those days, my week usually began on Sunday night. You’d find me trudging around one airport or another, heading to the location for my first meeting of the week.

I loved my work. I had a chance to be part of dozens of client projects and to lead small and large-scale consulting practices within Deloitte.

But I also knew that the industry was changing rapidly, and I really wanted to understand how consultants and firms could thrive in a shifting market.

To expand my own thinking, I began conducting and publishing in-depth interviews with people like Tom Peters, Seth Godin, David Maister, Peter Block, Daniel Pink, and many others.

The idea was to find out what each person thought was the key to success in the professional services business.

I interviewed people for several years and ultimately published more than 100 interviews for subscribers to my newsletter, Management Consulting News.

You can see the complete list of those interviews here.

As part of my ongoing research, I started work on my first book. Jay Conrad Levinson (the father of Guerrilla Marketing) and I co-authored Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants, which showed consultants simple, low-cost tactics to generate sales opportunities, create winning proposals, and price their services.

Through the process of writing that book and spreading the word about its concepts, I worked with and met thousands of people who shared their challenges, issues, and successes.

From that point, I decided to launch my own business, MindShare Consulting. To begin, I worked on a one-on-one basis with individuals as they launched (or managed) their own practices.

I also consulted with small and large services firms on their strategies for growth, and offered workshops, keynote speeches, and training.

I published a second free monthly newsletter, The Guerrilla Consultant, which covered topics that my clients and readers wanted to know more about. You can find more than 80 articles from that newsletter in the archive here.

Using my experience with clients and the research I’d been doing, I wrote a second book, Winning the Professional Services Sale, which became my blueprint for advising clients on managing the services sales process, especially for complex sales.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my work over the years, it’s that many people have useful, valuable expertise, but may need a small push to get their expertise known in the market.

My goal is to help you harness your creativity and energy to make big things happen in your business. Maybe the resources and services I offer will give you the nudge you need.


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