How to Put Any Audience in a Trance in a Nanosecond

The image below (a slide from  a real presentation) invites a rant about PowerPoint abuses.


Anyone who puts 26 bubbles and 25 arrows on a single slide and expects people to “get it,” shouldn’t be surprised when everyone in the audience is either staring into space or texting.

Unfortunately, too many consultants lull their audiences into a deep trance with their slide decks, instead of getting them excited about their ideas.

Tempting though it is to blame PowerPoint, most presentation slide problems, like the one above, are self-inflicted. Fortunately, those problems can be fixed by answering three questions before you finalize your next set of presentation slides:
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Podcast: Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working


I can’t think of too many consultants who aren’t looking to land more clients at higher fees.

How you go about that is the topic of this podcast.

My guest, Vickie Sullivan, is a top marketing strategist. If there’s anyone who has insight on how you can transform your market positioning, it’s Vickie Sullivan.

She lives and breathes marketing and market strategy for experts and influencers like consultants. She works with clients who serve high-end markets (or want to).

Her mission: to help her clients stand out in the market, instead of looking like everyone else.

A lot of consultants think, “Well, all I have to do is get my ideas ‘out there’ and I’ll be okay.” That’s not true anymore.

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